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Chapter 21: Bel’Zhun

During the fight the flying void tentacle ghost disappeared into the ground and never came back

We left the cave unable to destroy it

After leaving the cave we found no sign of it other than the island slowly decaying

Worked out the horror was void in nature

We got back to the ship where Radelia smeared herself in ethereal rubbing alcohol she got from Deadnose in an effort to remove her muteness curse

It sent her to the shadow realm for a couple of hours

We arrived in Bel’Zhun, where traces of Noxus have been removed and the city is flourishing

Met Francesco in the Hot Bones

Bel’Zhun like most of Shurima is worshipping the Sundisc

We decided to alter our course to visit Ichtacas old village

We bought three Skallashi mounts

Vigoro poured 600cp into a well while we furnished our mansion

As we journeyed south from Bel’Zhun, a god hunting spartan fell from the sky and stabbed Radelia

Atreus came from Targon. He wants to kill all gods because they have unchecked power

He has killed a god before, and after climbing mount Targon and losing his friend who was deemed unworthy

He is possessed by the god aspect of war

It forced him to hunt another god, which promptly killed him, expelling the god within him, before being resurrected

The Sundisc was used by people deemed “worthy” to ascend, becoming “God People”

Long ago someone tried to force the Sundisc to let them ascend, destroying it

With the Sundisc returning, the “God people” might also return

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