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Image by Annie Spratt

Chapter 31: Malzahar

Ollimer went to search for Radelia

Radelia entered the Void room pretending to be a guard

She came face to face with Malzahar

Malzahar saw through her disguise and cast feeble mind on her

Effectively disabling her mental stats

He then hypnotized her, adding her to his collection of sacrifices

Radelia joined the rest of the guards where she spotted Vigoro

Vigoro tried to address the crowd but failed

After which the crowds possession took effect and they began swarming

They were able to spread the possession, but in doing so were freed

The infection is called: "Maletic Visions"

Malzahar appeared and tried to laser Vigoro but we managed to stop it

During the fight, Malzahar managed to get the upper-hand by summoning Voidlings and spreading his visions

Emet died in the fight, as Daniel reached the stop watch given to us by Kahiri

It send Daniel back in time by one hour to before the fight began

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