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Chapter 30: Skarna & Nashramae

We sent a message to Nassus, alerting him of out plan to store the crystals in his sanctuary

We entered the cave and proposed our plan to the Mother Crystal: Skarna

Offering them sanctuary in the home of Nassus, in his giant caves under the

maze, where they would be safe from opportunists and miners

Skarna declined our offer, however we left a teleportation circle there leading to the sanctuary, should they ever need it

After emerging from the cave we found Parre with many bodyguards

A fight ensued, where after defeating his guards, Parre teleported away to safety

During the fight Jean went into a blood rage

Jean-Paul Johns real name is Alexandre Silver-helm

He was a noble from Demacia whos family is being tried for being mages

His knife/weapon is an ancient soul stealing weapon that we grabbed from his family tomb while escaping

We befriended the Goblin Antonio, who had memorized a teleportation circle in Nashramae

We went there the next day

Once there we met two people who were under the influence of Malzahar

We broke them out of their trance and were seen by the hive mind, who chased us into the sewer

The people informed us that a large number of people in Nashramae were living under the effects of Malzahars spell, and that he was planning on sacrificing everyone under his command that day

We traveled through the sewer to the replica Sun-Disc outside of the town hall

Radelia explored the town hall disguised as a guard

And found the room giving off palpable Void energy before rushing in.

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