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Chapter 29: Hex-Tech Secrets

Jean-Paul John began hearing voices inside his head

The voice wasn't sure who it was, or what it was doing there. But it had

apparently just woken up and is hungry

Jean told us about how magic had fallen out of favor in Demacia following a series of wars starting from two powerful sisters

We made a plan to find and stop Malzahar to stop the opening of the Void Portal

He is likely in Nashramae

We went looking for someone named Parre, who knows something about ancient Shuriman artifacts

We arrived at the oasis, which is a haven for thieves

It is being run by someone called "The Prince"

The Prince is Parre, who is also the head of the family crime syndicate and a cat

We had a meeting with Parre, who required us to do something for him before he would give us information

He asked us to find out what happened to members of his syndicate during a business venture, and in return he would give us information about Malzahar

We traveled to the mine where his employees went missing

The mine is a source of unrefined Hex-Tech crystals

We found the corpses of his employees

We entered the mine and were attacked by Hex-Tech Golems after we tried to mine a crystal

We defeated the Golems and pieced together that all Hex-Tech crystals were being taken from these sentient Golems

Outside the mine we heard the anguished scream of the mother crystal

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