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My Videos

Image by Gradienta

Channel Trailer

It's okay I guess

My Other Voicemail Message

The other one of my alternating voicemail messages

Voicemail Message

One of my alternating voicemail messages

Robot reads you their favourite book ASMR

Let their soothing voice caress your soul into sleepy town

Saying goodbye to a friend

An in-memoriam video dedicated to a friend who passed away after some unfortunate rolls.

Clutch Control At Low Speed

A truly gripping tutorial

Red & Blue: Pilot Episode

A short animation I made, was originally going to be more Smurf-orientated. But was worried about potential legal issues

Pop group "Big Time Rush" KILL Simon Cowell

RIP Simon Cowell, you had a good run


Netflix has since contacted me about the potential full documentary rights.


Just an average day in my life

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