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Chapter 6: The Crimson Reaper Vladimir

Radelia drank the blood but noticed no changes

The blood moon emerged, causing Vlad’s servants (Radelia included) to grow claws of hardened blood and begin attacking party goers

Emberro figured out who we were and polymorphed back into his dragon form

The front door was locked, stopping people from escaping

Jae and Vigoro managed to break the door down

The servants were attempting to summon the demons who were forming as inky blot spirits

The process was sped up by the scared party goers

Vlad turned to blood mist and flew away

Emberro bashed his way inside

Radiant the celestial elephant destroyed evil servants using radiant magic

We evacuated all but twelve party goers and knocked Radelia unconscious

We stopped the demon summoning by calming the unconscious nobles

After which Vlad reappeared, expressed that we excited him and then left

We found out that a group called the secret order of war masons were supplying Nightbloom to Vlad

Jae Medarda helped us shrink Rosewood Manor into a pocket dimension housed within a crystal

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