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Chapter 5: Rosewood Manor

We arrived at Rosewood manor where Count Vladimir was hosting a large party which Mathias got us tickets to

We split up to find where they were growing the Nightbloom

The manor had a heavy red motif, with blood red wine

Ollimer found a green house near the back of the manor

Radelia found Emberro in his human form who did not recognize her in disguise

Emberro wanted to speak to her in a private locked room

He wanted her help to plot against the Drivers

Radelia let slip that we were looking for pieces of the trinity force

Rex met up with her sister and found Mathias’s wife, seeking to fornicate with a lizard man

Vigoro found his way to the greenhouse where he met Vlad

Vlad wants to make Noxus more chaotic and is apparently quite old

He is planning on using the blood moon occurring that night to accomplish his goals

Daniel met Jae Medarda and went to find the library

They found out that Vlad plans to sacrifice the party guests to summon demons by instilling fear in them

Radelia found Vlad and attempted to flirt

He offered her great power in return for her enternal servitude by offering her some of his blood

She accepted and drank the blood before Ichtaca could stop her

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