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Chapter 32: Dallas Hoarsehair

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Daniel appeared back in the sewers, only he remembered previous events

We came up with a plan to sneak into the town hall

We met Tenuma, who is an expert on Xeno-Types (Void Creatures)

The door to Malzahar was being guarded by two guards, who Emet managed to inspire, before we knocked them unconscious

After which Malzahar emerged and began summoning Voidlings

During the fight Radelia sent a pleading message to Vlad, asking for his aid, and in return she would work for him

Alexandre was killed by Voidlings

Vlad appeared and started destroying Voidlings

Radelia died protecting the party, after which, her real name: "Dallas Hoarsehair" was heard by everyone in Runeterra

We managed to kill Malzahar, and in his room we found a small Void blob

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