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Chapter 28: The secret of life

We continued exploring the maze where we fought shadows and a fire elemental

We met a giant six-armed being named "The Sand Spinner" who worked the maze

His father is the father of all Baccai

The Baccai were cursed beings, who failed to ascend and were banished

The Sand Spinner gave Daniel the following books

  • Martial Skills and Tactics for the adventuring Wizard

  • Claiming the Crown - An experienced guide to assassinating royals

He opened up a staircase, leading deep into the earth, where his father supposedly is

Down the stairs was a giant unnatural man-made cavern

We found three giant Jackal statues, which represented the circle of life

We came to a large door, where we could hear running water

On the other side was a large round room with a skylight and mists of water

The water granted the effects of a heroes feast

We found a teleportation circle

Nassus emerged from a bubble portal

This room is apparently the library of Nassus

He told us the secret of life

Apparently everything that is given is taken from elsewhere

This applies to magic; the magic of life is reused from death

He also told us that Emet has aspects of ascended and Baccai

He told us that the success rate of ascension was extremely low, and that it was getting worse and worse, until the event that changed Emet

Renekton blames Nassus for him being locked in a tomb with Xeraph for 3000 years

Malzahar is planning on using the war between the emperor and Xeraph to summon the Void portal

Nassus then teleported us out of his library into the middle of nowhere

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