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Image by Annie Spratt

Chapter 26: Marrowmark

Emet fully recovered his memories

The lightning damage done to the area seemed random and chaotic

We arrived in Marrowmark days after the attack

Marrowmark is a city erected in the rib-cage of some long-dead desert behemoth

The dragon that attacked is related to Xerath

We found out that the focus gifted to Daniel by Wing Chun was a Cauldron of rebirth

The attack was done by a huge humanoid being of light

Raz Bloodmane and his riders were here as well

People from the Sun-Disc have visited recently

During the attack a sandstorm started up and by the time it finished they were gone

In Marrowmark there was a relief parade led by Fareeha, who told us that Azir the emperor has returned

Radelia has been feeling Vladimir related callings

We left Marrowmark, heading in the direction of the Valley of Songs

We came across a giant statue, that looked very similar to Atreus,

Possibly a previous avatar of the god that possessed him

On the ground surrounding the statue were many lifelike statues

As we approached the larger statue Gorgons that hid within it's head, began shooting us with arrows

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