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Chapter 25: Jean-Paul John

Daniel scryed his mother, his home village of Tevasa was somewhat over grown

Indicating that the land is fighting back

His old house was filled of refugees, and Daniels mother indicated that she

missed her sons

Parts of the island are dying, as it's preserving it's energy elsewhere

We removed the curse of a cultist, ending the mind control on him, as well as working out that 1/10th of the town was under the control of Malzahar

That night Vigoro awoke to screaming

The town was being attacked by marauders riding atop crocodiles

The man leading the riders was Raz Bloodmane, and left after burning and murdering a siginificant amount of townspeople

We defeated the rest of the grunts and helped the injured

We were aided by an Elf named Jean Paul Jon

We reclaimed our Skallashi as Wing Chun gave me his scrying basin in exchange for a future favour

We left Vekaura for Marrowmark

When we arrived it seemed to be in the middle of a celestial dragon attack

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