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Chapter 24: Void Origins

We were immediately attacked by void creatures/dune breakers

During the fight a portal appeared drawing Kahiri’s attention

It led back to Kahiri's home

We managed to fight off the void creatures as Kahiri went back home

In thanks, he gave us a pocket-watch, which he told us not to use until we

desperately need it

After the fight we found a doorway in the cliff wall

Inside was an inscription that read:

“Life leads us down dark paths, but sometimes it is necessary to see the light”

We solved a series of riddles, and were promised by a Sphinx the “meaning of life”

We were told the secret of life could be found “Where Shurima sings to you”

The Sphinx also told Radelia how she was going to die

We set off for the Valley of Songs to find the meaning of life.

We found the remains of a summoning ritual done in the name of the “prophet”, done in tandem with multiple other rituals

The Void originated during a war between Shurima and Icathia, when Icathia opened up the first void portal

We cast speak with undead on one of the dead cultists and asked the following questions

1. Who is the Prophet?

a. Malzahar

2. What was the ritual?

a. Sacrifice will summon the portal

3. Where is the Prophet?

a. All over Shurima

4. Where will the Prophet summon the void portal?

a. Icathia

5. Who were you?

a. Hepe of the Nasaaj tribe

We arrived at Vekaura, which people have returned to now that the river has returned

I attempted to scry on Malzahar, but he succeeded the saving throw

We found out that some cultists are being mind controlled

Daniel attempted to scry on his mother

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