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Chapter 23: Itchtaca leaves

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

While on watch, Emet spotted a set of eyes watching him

It was a Itchtaca’s sister Zuma, wild shaped as a lion, who told us that invaders have returned to their homeland

Itchtaca decided that he needed to stay behind to protect his home

We said our goodbyes and figured out that the invaders are trying to gain access to the cursed isles, which used to be the blessed isles and has ties to the Nightbloom

We headed back into the desert where we saw the remains of a giant chain which followed south

We met a couple of kids sand surfing called the Duners

Vigoro while turned into a dust Mephit had difficulty getting out of it

We messaged Rindol who told us he was now fine

Vigoro asked his god whether we will pass the void queen on our way to the Sundisc

Nagakaborous said we will not be disturbed by that which we do not disturb ourselves

We found an Oasis but as we got close, we found that it is a giant creature covered in hammocks with people living on it

The creatures are called Dormun

With detect magic we found the oasis had traces of conjuration magic, and a person giving off traces of divination magic

We met him and he agrees to tell out fortunes using the stars

His name is Wing Chun and is fron Targon, spent time in North Ionia then went to Bilgewater, and is now on his way back to Targon

Radelia -> The serpent/Betrayer

Emet -> The bull/Charger

Vigoro -> The Rhino/Destroyer

Daniel -> The phoenix/Immortal fire

He said that he recognized Radelia and insinuated that “Radelia” is not her real name

And she might have a connection to an Ionian circus

People are scared that the slaves are coming back

And there are sinister mumblings of a prophet that people have been making sacrifices to

People are saying to get ready, for the prophet wants total oblivion

These rumours are coming from Icathia

We decided to go South to Icathia to check on the void

On our way we could feel a change as everything became grey and smelled of bleach

That night a group of people emerged from the portal

Daniel had somewhat of a heart to heart with Radelia

Vigoro and Emet went and spoke to the portal person

His name is Kahiri and is trying to find his way back home

Vigoro messaged Rengar about him

Kahiri told us that he was sent here to study the void

He said that the prophet had moved on to Shurima/The Sundisc

His home was going to be destroyed so a powerful mage removed it from the timeline

And is trying to bring the city back

He is cousins with Amunet who has also been sent to this timeline

This masters name is Zilean

The Prophet wants to open a portal to the Void

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