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Image by Annie Spratt

Chapter 22: Emet’Sol

As we continued South East Daniel was repeatedly scried on

We noticed a large dust cloud heading toward us

They were a group of merchants who had been attacked

They had found a large haul but a child was riding the decoy camel and was left behind when they were attacked

They were attacked by Xer-sei

We went out to survey the area but were ambushed by xeno-types

A suit of armour filled with sand came to life and helped us defeat the creatures and save the child

We also managed to grab 5 sets of magic boots

We found out that the suit of armour is called Emet’Sol, who has no memories except that his purpose is to defend Shurima

Daniel figures out that he is almost 3000 years old

He served the last emperor of Shurima, who died around the time the Sundisc fell

We were forced to flee as the void creatures kept emerging

While escaping we could hear the screams of the void queen/Rexsai

The merchants thanked us and told us we could cross the desert by sand surfing or using sand swimmers, but we'd have to leave our Skallashi

we continued south towards Ixtal

On the way Rindol messaged Daniel saying that he was suffering from the cursed medallion

We advised him to go to Daudmorth to have it removed

In Ixtal we were hunted by a large Tabaxi named Rengar

He is hunting a void creature that takes the form of a man (purple) who can go invisible

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