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Image by Annie Spratt

Chapter 19: Mysterious island

While in Piltover I did research into the secret order of Warmasons

I found out:

· They are a branch of the Black Rose – Which is a big underground syndicate of Noxus

· They are somehow affiliated with the explorers guild

We met up with the Kobold pirates

Apparently there’s lots of killing and shooting in Bilgewater

We traded our last magic bean to the Kobolds for some diamonds

Radelia paid 100gp to Big Boss (The kobold captain) for a child’s bed

Big Boss has been receiving love letters from a supposed dragon

Vigoro after calling out and Eldritch sea god, received brain stirrings, leading him to the island off the shore of Bel’Zhun

So we changed course for the island

We arrived on the island where we were attacked by Zombies and fish

The island is much bigger than last time we were here

After defeating the Zombies and fish we headed into the jungle

Found out the rocks on the island are volcanic in nature

No live on the island except for insects and birds, things that flew here from the mainland

We found a witch hut containing Poirot, Christie and Agatha. Who were willing to dish out curses

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