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Chapter 18: Back to Piltover

We then sold our Elnuks and travelled back to Piltover

Surprising lack of conflict between Demacia and Noxus on the way back

We found out from Restion that its because Noxus is focusing their efforts on Ionia

Upon arriving at Ezreals mansion, we found that he had also hired a second group of adventurers

We completed the trinity force and vowed to keep them apart

We sold some of out stuff and received new potential leads:

· Targon – Man climbed mountain, perhaps became a god?

· Bilgewater – People fighting to become the next pirate king

· Shadow Isles – Increased harrowings

· Demacia – Dragon war

· Ionia – War with Noxus

· Zaun – Uprising led by the Dreadnaught

· Freljord – Civil war

· Shurima -The sundisc has risen again

We visited Daudmorth school of wizardry, where we learned that Daniels brother Rindol is now working for clan Halloran

We Rindol at their estate, who seemed slightly mistreated by the clan

After catching up we found the Hallorans is quite new to artificing, and is lacking in resources

We gave Rindol a slightly cursed luck medallion with instructions on how to get it removed

The Trinity force

· The Phage: A hammer obtained from the swolebolds

· The Sheen: A true ice sword taken from Emberro

· Stinger: A dagger obtained from Ezreal

Scram the orphan who worked with Norm Ellman at the Sandcream store asked us to check on his fellow orphans in Zaun, who had started a fight club

We made plans to travel to Zaun

We found that the orphanage was doing well, Rex helped legitimize the club, while Radelia taught a cripple to be a bookie

We made plans to travel with a group of Kobold pirates to visit Bel’Zhun, and then proceed south along the border of Shurima and Ixtal, until we reached the river. We would then use the river to travel west towards Mount Targon visiting the Sundisc along the way. At Targon we would gain passage to Bilgewater and Ionia.

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