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Image by Annie Spratt

Chapter 15: Goodbye Mathias

Emberro was a long tough fight, and dealt fatal blows to Ichtaca and Mathias, but was eventually killed

While Vigoro resurrected Ichtaca, Mathias gave us his last words:

He told Rex that sometimes she needed to hit first and ask questions later

To Daniel he said that although he’s a nerd, he’s one of the good ones

Vigoro should remember his scoundrel roots

And that Radelia should never lie to herself

Upon returning to Naljaag we found everyone unfrozen

And that the priests if frost somehow knew when to show up and begin aiding the villagers

That night everyone took a tea trip except for Rex, who followed the Frost Priests who made a hasty escape towards the Frost Citadel after lying to Rex

Radelia notified Hilda of Mathias’s passing

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