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Chapter 13: Braum

Mathias told me that Yetis were the original magic users in Freljord

Radelia had a dream vision where he told her that his powers would consume her

We found out that someone has been repeatedly scrying on Daniel

While travelling we found giant six legged cats attacking someone trapped under rubble

We defeated the cats and rescued the trapped Poros

Following which a giant bearded man appeared

His name is Braum, who was the being of pure good the Seer told us of

He agreed to help us save the village and told us more about the Freljord

~The Three Sisters~

Long ago there were three Sisters:




They rose to power and tried to control the Freljord

Their hubris however earned them curses from the gods

Avarosa -> Deaf

Lissandra -> Blind

Serylda -> Mute

We met an old woman who offered to heal us

She and Vigoro went on a tea trip, where they found that Vigoro’s mind and spirit have been while rescuing Rex’s sister

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