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Chapter 11: Leaving the Fork

We chose to continue to Naljaag, knowing we couldn’t beat the shadow man to Ryganns reach

We bought some Elnuk mounts

Mathias went ahead using shadow magic to scout Naljaag during the night

We handed in the quest to clear the fishing outpost at the NPC hall (Neutral Party of Coin)

We used the following aliases:

Rex -> Kylie

Vigoro -> Danny

Daniel -> Steve

Ichtaca -> Jean-Paul-John

Radelia -> Rachel

True Ice is pure elemental power, only Ice-Born are able to wield it

We left the Fork for Naljaag

In an attempt to make up time, Vigoro and Radelia summoned Two-Face; the desperation demon, but declined to make a deal with him, however he claimed that they owed him for summoning him

Mathias appeared the next morning covered in blood and heavily wounded

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