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Chapter 10: Outposts and riddles

We killed the bone king and continued to explore the outpost

We met a Dwarf named Graggus who is a brewer

He doesn’t want the humans to come back and disturb him while he works on his master brew

We convinced him to let the humans come back as long as they stay away from his workshop

We left the cave and travelled back to the Big Fork

Radelia met an old elven bard

She told Radelia of a dark clad man, heading for Ryganns reach looking for piece of the trinity force

Rex had a revelation that Mathias, the man officiating the wedding in Bel’Zhun and the man who gave Triz Fizzle the note all had similar shadow abilities

Mathias learnt to do it from a guy, who knew a guy in Ionia

It has something to do with the shadow realm, Ionian monks studied the realm until they learned the secrets of shadow magic

The note given to Triz was:

“Beware the full force of the truth and the power it wields,

For once it is wholly in its element, there are few that can but yield.

That which you’ll find surrounding you is merely the beginning of something else for greater still, and with it: the time of reckoning”

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